Battlefield 1 Review

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Battlefield 1 Review

 Battlefield 1 is a shell-shocked blast, and in many ways a huge success. I recommend any and all FPS players to get this game. Unlike many of the other triple AAA mainstream FPS genre games, this one actually pushes the bar higher and is leading the FPS genre into a direction of my liking as well as the liking of millions of fans. It is truly a great time to be alive.


There are downsides to this game. (most being related to the campaign) It’s just too dang short. While the way the developers used hero stories works really well, I also like the historian who narrates the current events of the game like the player is watching a historical documentary. Unfortunately players don’t get to spend enough time with each character to become attached to them, and there are too many characters. I believe there are five or so. This has led to some of the campaign stories becoming very short. This leads to one of the reasons why some characters become virtually unknown to the player. The idea in general is good, but the execution was not handled the best way. In a future Battlefield game I would like to see the developers to keep this war stories idea but limit them to three to four characters so that they receive plenty of game time. Similar to how characters in Game of Thrones get their own individual story parks arcs.


Arguably the best parts of Battlefield are that it is incredibly fun and complex multiplayer with everything that you would expect in an FPS game, not to mention the Battlefield modes that we all know and love like Conquest and Rush. But if you’re like me and you like the new and fresh and are getting a little tired of the FPS norm, then the new operations mode is your place. I was never a real fan of multiplayer, at least until Battlefield 1. Multiplayer was just about grinding kills until you can get your next weapon in hopes that it would become maybe a little bit easier to continue grinding kills. It never was really fun for me, and it just always kind of dragged. Operations mode gives the multiplayer much needed focus and motivation. It works by having two teams: one attacking, one defending. The attacking team tries to take different positions on a large map while the defenders try to keep the attacker at bay until the attacker’s reinforcement count runs out. This game mode is a lot bigger than others because if the attacker is pushes the defenders out of the map, it then continues to another map. This is why Operations is amazing it stretches several maps long, which is almost unheard of in the triple AAA FPS genre and it’s really nice to see it come out here. I would just like for them to expand operation modes a little bit further instead of 20 v 20 or 32 v 32. I think this is the time that they should up the scale even higher and bring it to 64 vs 64. Also I would really like to see an upgraded operations mode in the next Star Wars Battlefront game because this mode is really fun; it also adds much needed depth and a competitive side into Battlefield.


Another gripe besides the short campaigns is the overabundance of automatic weapons in the game. When World War I was revealed to be the location for what we thought was Battlefield 5, I didn’t know that that meant that all the weapons were still going to be fully automatic. I was under the impressions that bolt-action weapons were going to be the primary weapons for the game, but I was wrong. While all the weapons used in Battlefield 1 were actual historical weapons that were used, the amount that they were used is drastically exaggerated then in World War I. It’s more or less a Battlefield game with a World War I skin rather than a World War I game with Battlefield flavor. I honestly was hoping for a World War I game that had Battlefield’s flavor. But that’s up to your preference, and honestly it doesn’t really affect the level of enjoyment you receive from the game.


To recap in a quick sentence: This game is worth every penny; it offers a completely new and fun multiplayer and will bring you into the 1st world war.