Winter Storm Make Up Plan Outlined by Superintendent

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March 22, 2017

The winter of 2016 presented a series of unforgiving and spontaneous storms that even in to the new year is still leaving its mark. Fourteen missed school days including a few days without power in the cold to be honest. For a while there was no telling on how this would affect the school year, but in a recent interview with Stevenson – Carson School District’s Super/Intendent, Karen Douglass, she explained how this will be made up.

The calendar had four built-in snow days. Most years the school does not use them, but this year the days were used up before the students came back from winter break. The school district has added five days back to the school year and made all of the March Wednesdays full days instead of early release to create a “buffer” for the year. The staff believes that instruction time is valuable and will take time to complete. They also believe that students have the right to make up the work they have missed due to inclement weather. The end of year activities such as the barbecue, field day, etc. will take place a week later than originally planned. One of the big things that has not changed is graduation; the date will stay the same. Douglass went on to say that “it would be a financial burden for families who have purchased plane tickets to attend the event ….” Douglass is looking for brighter days “literally.”

The decision to shut down school is not an easy one. The first step starts at three in the morning Douglass watches weather reports and road conditions provided by her sources about possible issues. Someone from the district communicates with road crews to determine the conditions of the roads as a whole to decide how safe it would be to try and transport the students to school. During the power outages, Douglass also communicated with PUD and Skamania County Sheriff’s Office.  The decision is usually made by 5 A.M. At that time Douglass prepares a message via robotic call to alert staff, students, and families of the delay or closure. Douglass employs creative flair and humor to her messages using Seussical rhyme and rhythm.