The Light and The Dark- Part 1

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The Light and The Dark- Part 1

It’s a galaxy far, far away; plasma wielding swords, the badass attitudes, ultimate authority, being famous and loved…sound familiar? Jedi Generals during the Clone Wars were considered gods. Basically, how could you not like these guys who were super fluid, had a sixth sense of discerning danger, meanwhile carry these freaking awesome glowing sticks?? Unfortunately, the farther the war lasted, the more the clones realized these gods could be fooled. Even killed.

Ok, enough worshiping of the Jedi. They had their faults. Now: the main reason you are reading this—which is better? Star Wars: Rebels, or Star Wars: The Clone Wars? The original trilogy, or Episodes 1-3?

In Star Wars Episodes 4-6 we see less choreography (saber fighting) and more emotion as the tiny rebellion led by Senator Mon Motha attempt to overthrow an evil empire. The small fights seen sporadically throughout the episodes are charged with emotion, but usually the skill and speed are lacking. Altogether the budget was relatively small–being $61 million in these three episodes (about $90 million in today’s money), this could explain the lower quality of the movies; maybe even a large cause of the less skilled fights…According to the actors of Star Wars, the creator, George Lucas, was horrible on writing dialogues. Characters scrapped their lines and replaced them with what they thought sounded better. This could explain the comradery of the characters in the movies, as well as make it more challenging and fun trying to think of epic comebacks from top-notch characters.

In the end of Episode 4 with less than a second to spare, the Empire’s super weapon, the Death Star, is successfully destroyed. In the next two episodes another Death Star is created and eventually destroyed, this time with most of the Empire’s hierarchy aboard. The most famous Star Wars quote come from these three movies, “Luke, I am your father!”

Star Wars Episodes 1-3 came after the 4-6, but in Star Wars timeline it actually happens before the stories of 4-6. As said by, according to popular opinions and polls, episodes 2 and 3 are on the top of the list for favorite episodes. The budget as well for these 3 episodes almost hexatruples (6 times as much) ($515 million) in comparison to previous Episodes 4-6. Although the choreography is more impressive, emotion seems to be slightly lacking. Do not think there is no emotion; there is still plenty. For instance, in possibly the most emotional episode of the entire series; Episode 3: the Republic, led by the Senate (senators from each galaxy) and the Jedi Order (Jedi), are overthrown by the Jedi’s arch-nemesis—the Sith. It is seen here one of the most impressive Jedi, Mace Windu, is betrayed by a promising Jedi, Anakin Skywalker. Later, arguably the most epic fight in the entire series the creators decide to pit the master of offense and the master of defense against each other. The five minute battle takes place on a deserted mining facility. Lava spewing hundreds of feet into the air creates the perfect backdrop for two “brothers in the Order” who fight each other now. Throughout the entire fight there are small portions of dialogue as they continue to try to kill each other. In the end the master of defense has the upper hand, and despite Anakin’s boastful, “You underestimate my power!” he ends up lying in the ash with all limbs severed.

Altogether, between these two parts of the series there are pros and cons. Many love Episodes 4-6 for the emotion and heavy feelings as father and son fight, fight, fight then in the end reunite. Many famous and loved characters pass through these three episodes creating an aura of familiarity, comradeship, and closeness while fighting against the evil Empire. Looking on the other side, the one-on-one fighting was slow, bulky, and very inexperienced. Budget was low, and saber colors were restricted to red, blue, and green.

Episodes 1-3 by popular vote are much more favored because of the stylish fighting, variety of lightsaber colors, huge battles, and more background information on many Star Wars characters, thanks to a much higher budget. Weaknesses of these episodes includes the lack of familiar closeness, less emotion and more fighting, and the tragedy that pervades all three of these movies.

Now which trio is better? Maybe surprisingly, maybe not, neither one is better than the other. Of course it all depends on personal preference. Some would prefer the aggressive, flashy fighting on a humungous battlefield with many well-known characters; while others would like the slower pace with one main character in a more emotion-burdening saber fight. But what about Star Wars: The Clone Wars versus Star Wars: Rebels? Stay tuned to find out…