Versus Series: General Grievous V.S. Kylo Ren A Star Wars Edition

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November 16, 2016
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Versus Series: General Grievous V.S. Kylo Ren A Star Wars Edition


Special thanks to Theodore Lanz, and Austin Jones, as well as Joshua Aguilar and Tristen Lowery.



For all of history we Homo sapiens have used our magnificent brains to build the most impressive global civilization of which the earth has ever seen. Alternatively we have also used our brains to determine who would win in theoretical fights between legendary characters both of history and fiction.

Who would win in a theoretical fight: General Grievous or Kylo Ren?


General Grievous:

Grievous was a Kaleesh warrior who acted as the supreme general of the droid army during the Clone Wars. Due to his ship being blown up, a injured Grievous was made into a cyborg. During the operation Grievous was given cybernetic implants that were attached to his brain. These implants gave him the ability to wield lightsabers like the Jedi he fought. By the end of the Clone Wars the good general had a Jedi kill count of over 100.

Picture courtesy of Wookieepedia.

Kylo Ren:

Before his turn to the dark side Kylo Ren was known as Ben Solo and was a son of the rebellion leaders Han Solo and Leia Organa, he was taught in the ways of the force by Jedi master Luke Skywalker. However during his training he was seduced by the power of the dark side and betrayed the new Jedi Order. Now Kylo Ren is a commander within the First Order and is trying to gain the powers of Darth Vader.

Picture courtesy of Wookieepedia.


Skill Categories

General Grievous’s Skills


Kylo Ren’s Skills



-4 Standard Jedi Lightsabers

-1 Blaster Pistol


-1 cross guard Lightsaber w/ agitated Kyber crystal



-Cybernetic body parts give immense strength


-Normal human male strength

-Possible use of the force



-Enhanced cybernetic motor control give a great deal of agility


-Normal force user agility



-Cybernetic body parts don’t get fatigued


-Possible use of force to sustain body



-Has 100 Jedi kill count

-Lifetime warrior


-has fought force users


Skill w/ Weapons

-Programmed with all Lightsaber dueling styles

-Accurate with blaster


-has had some Lightsaber dueling training


Mental Condition

-Enhanced pattern recognition, and coordination





-Mentally unstable

-Is Susceptible to fear



-Metal armored cybernetics

-Not Lightsaber resistant



-Sith robes


Intimidation Factor


-Cybernetic plate aesthetics


-Vader-like helmet


Special Abilities

-Four arms


-Use of the force

– Importance of ability x3








Analysis: In this fight it is pretty clear that Grievous has Kylo beat in almost every category, but this is true for almost every force-wielder that he has ever fought. Grievous obviously is better at dueling, and has killed more skilled Jedi then Kylo Ren. But Kylo has one thing going for him that makes force-wielders hard for Grievous to kill. He can use the force: an ability that has led to the good general’s every defeat. No, really. I looked back over every fight in which we have seen Grievous fight excluding the original Clone Wars cartoon, and I found that almost every fight Grievous lost was due to being pushed against a wall with the force which almost always disarmed him, and forced him to retreat.

If you look at how General Grievous fought Jedi Master Eeth Koth with his Magna Guards, you see that the general engaged the Jedi while his Magna Guards surrounded Master Koth and the general as an assurance contingency, to prevent the Jedi winning the duel and killing Grievous by using the force to disarm him. As the duel progressed the Jedi Master Eeth Koth decided to use the force to gain the upper hand, and force pushed Grievous against a wall disorienting him. The Jedi then tried to strike but was electrocuted by a Magma Guard’s Electro-Staff preventing him from finishing Grievous. Another thing to think about is the fact that General Grievous lost in a duel to Asajj Ventress fairly. This is concerning because she is a dark side user much like Kylo Ren (although arguably more skilled than Kylo Ren.)

Another trait that Grievous has against his opponents is his mental condition; he is fearless, tactical, and relatively stable. Whereas Kylo Ren is a loose cannon with his anger which unbalances the little skill he has with his Lightsaber. He is fearful of death and the loss of his power, and has little skill in setting up a duel in his favor like Grievous. In the end Kylo Ren’s own ego could cause him to be defeated by a more cunning General Grievous. But enough talk let’s play this fight out and find out who is the superior Star Wars character:



SCENE: Deep space, in the Outer Rim, the bridge of a Star Destroyer, we find Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren as well as a handful of 1st Order Stormtroopers, and officers. Kylo Ren is hovering over the transmitter trying to find a signal. The rest of the officers and 1st Order Stormtroopers are working thought the bridge, the Knights of Ren are standing in the middle of the room behind Kylo Ren attentively watching him.

KYLO REN: Ahhhrg! They’re jamming us! (Slams fists on the transmitter, looks angered)

1st ORDER OFFICER: Sir, I have lost contact with our forces guarding the entrance to the bridge… They are coming! (Says with a sense of fear and concern)

KYLO REN: EVERYONE QUIET! … I hear something.

The movement in the room stops everyone looking around slowly trying to hear the sound that Kylo Ren has heard. Tink.., Tink…, Tink,….. Tink Tink. Suspenseful tinking sounds lightly come from the blast doors. BRZZZZZZETTTT… Four lightsaber blades pierce the blast doors and start to rotate left to make a man-size hole through the blastdoors. Everyone looks at the blastdoors being cut open with fear. Kylo Ren pulls out his lightsaber and ignites it.

KYLO REN: Find some cover and get ready to fire!

1st Order Stormtroopers get themselves into cover and aim their weapons at the blast door still being cut.

KYLO REN: Hold your fire until I give the word!

The Lightsabers finish cutting the door and are turned off. The Stormtroopers look around confused on why there is a stall in door being breached. Tink, Tink, Tink. The tinking sound returns, but shortly after the cut pieces of the blast doors are blown back. One piece hits a Stormtrooper and the other lands somewhere else without hitting anything.


All the Stormtroopers fire into the hole of the blast door. This continues but clearly nothing happens.


Out of the smoke-covered hole jumps several commando droids who fire immediately hitting Stormtroopers. Even more jump through the hole and shoot at Kylo Ren he deflects the bolts and then looks down to his right and sees the officer he was talking to dead on the floor. In the heat of the battle in the background many of the Stormtroopers are yelling and screaming. One of the Stormtroopers hits a commando droid in the center chest plate. The force of this strike causes the droid to bend backward but just as quickly recovers and starts shooting at its targets. The few Knights of Ren with blasters fire on a commando droid with a sword that jumped up on the transmitter looking at Kylo Ren and was about to lunge. This destroys it. In the background we can see commando droids with swords slashing two Stormtroopers. As more commando droids enter the bridge the fight starts to turn all of the Nights of Ren using blasters are killed leaving the two with blades. A few of the commando droids start shooting at the officers trying to work on the ship’s controls during the fight. By the time they are stopped, the officers working on the ship are all killed. Eventually the fight calms down as the last of the commando droids are destroyed. But it was at a huge cost as only a few officers and Stormtroopers are left. The survivors of the fight are winded and gather around Kylo Ren

KYLO REN: This isn’t over, get back into your positions!

The Stormtroopers move back into their original positions, but it’s clear that their morale is low. All of the sudden General Grievous walks into the bridge through the hole in the blast door and stops after only moving two meters into the room. Behind Grievous emerges six Magna Guard droids that split three on each side of him. Their electro staffs are also ignited. Grievous fixes his sights on Kylo Ren who has his red bladed cross-guard Lightsaber out in a defensive stance.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Aaaahhhh, the failed Jedi Ben Solo. I have been looking forward to meeting you.

Kylo Ren looks intimidated by the use of his real name.

KYLO REN: I don’t know how you know that name, but soon it won’t matter. This encounter will be fatal for you.

Kylo Ren appears to gain confidence.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Ha, I have beaten better Jedi than you.

KYLO REN: I’m no Jedi. I am a master in the dark ways of the force!

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: I have always wanted a red-bladed Lightsaber for my collection, COUGH, COUGH, LONGER COUGH, WHEEZING.

Grievous pulls off his cape and ignites two lightsabers: one blue, one green. He then gestures with his arms to the remaining crew of the bridge.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Kill all of his pathetic crew, haha!

The six Magna Guards move forward and engage the remaining Stormtroopers, officers, and Knights of Ren. Kylo Ren lunges over the transmitter and yells as he starts engaging Grievous. As they continue to duel, the Magna Guards continue to fight the crew who are losing the fight. General Grievous starts to push Kylo Ren back behind the transmitter where he was originally. The last Knight of Ren is then killed by a jab from an Electro-Staff in the back as he tried to deflect a jab from the front. He falls behind Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren Trips on the body and falls to the ground. The Magna Guards surround Kylo Ren but keep a certain distance. General Grievous detaches his arms into four, and ignites two more lightsabers.


Grievous starts whipping is upper hands into a circular motion which hits the ground creating sparks. His under arms are tucked back and ready to stab. He advances toward Kylo Ren. The body of the Knight of Ren who tripped Kylo Ren is cut into pieces and thrown around the room as Grievous advances toward Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren attempts to roll of the main platform to a lower one, but his shoulder is grazed by one of the rotating blades. Kylo Ren looks up at General Grievous in fear. Just as Grievous is about to jump down to the lower platform, Kylo Ren Force pushes two of the three Magna Guards into Grievous who uses his Lightsabers to deflect some of the droid parts, but he is still put off balance. Kylo Ren jumps back up to the 1st platform and slices the last Magna Guard in half. This destroys it. General Grievous emerges back on the 1st platform on the other side of the platform’s catwalk. Both lunge at one another and meet in the middle of the catwalk. Kylo Ren and General Grievous lock blades between Grievous’s top lightsabers and Kylo Ren’s cross-guarded lightsaber. General Grievous seizes the moment and stabs Kylo Ren in the chest with both Lightsabers from his lower arms. Kylo Ren lets out a final gasp of air and goes limp. Grievous puts both of his lower arm Lightsabers away, and grabs Kylo Ren by the face and lifts him into the air and then slams him on the ground. Grievous puts away his lightsabers and reconnects his arms and reaches for Kylo Ren’s lightsaber on the ground and picks it up and ignites it. He looks at the chilling red blade.

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Another fine edition to my collection, HAHAHAA COUGH COUGH.

A B1 battle droid commander walks into the room.

B1 COMMANDER: Sir, we have complete control of the ship

GENERAL GRIEVOUS: Get everyone back to the boarding craft, I have what I came for.

Grievous looks back at the red Lightsaber blade.




Winner: General Grievous