Building up the Skill With the Tennis Team

Gracie Foreman, Journalist

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The 2017 Tennis Team

With 19 girls, the 2017 Girls Bulldog tennis team has a good turnout this year and preparing for all upcoming games around the corner. The coach, Les Hastings, a retired SHS teacher, is working hard on making sure everybody is building up skill and is learning the new techniques. What made him want to coach tennis was that “it’s another form of teaching”, and he loves it. Compared to past seasons, more and more players are coming into the program with a larger skill set (and still learning more along the way.)

Senior singles player, Leilani Miller said that she’s been playing tennis since her freshman year. She initially turned out because many of her friends played and it made her interested in an individual sport, and the best part about playing is competing with friends. What she likes about away games is being with the team for the day and the rides to and back home after the match with everyone excited and laughing. Now that she looks back, Miller feels like she’s improved a lot over the years and stated how nice it is to think about the friends made through tennis.

Singles player Leslie Ramos, one of the many sophomores playing on the team, also started during her freshman year. The reason she wanted to join was that it’s different from the other sports offered, has a different kind of atmosphere and is enjoyable to do. What she likes about tennis the most is the good attitudes and watching your game slowing improving over the season. The best thing about away games for Ramos is the fact you get to see new places and new faces you don’t get to see every day.

Finally, Hannah Miler, an eighth grader who has been practicing with the team for a year now enjoys tennis because how supportive everyone is and how it feels like one big family. Miler plays tennis as often as she can. She says that it feels amazing and great to enjoy, and the best thing about away games is getting to know the whole team better, there just isn’t a shy face on the team and everyone’s happy to be with each other.