Crazy for Christmas Cookies

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Crazy for Christmas Cookies

James and David McAndie, Authors

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The winter season has arrived! It’s time for fun in the snow, family gatherings, and delectable treats. The classic foods of the holidays are always the most enjoyable part of the season. There isn’t another time of the year with such recognizable dishes, especially the festive desserts. Whether a cookie, cake, or candy, each family has their own special version of classic treats. With such variety in recipes, if you move from house to house, you will be exposed to many desserts of the same name, but each with a uniquely different flavor. A few of the most popular treats include spice cake, gingerbread, and anything that can be dyed red and green. However, one dessert simply must be put in its own category due to the extensive variety it presents, and that dessert is cookies! The list of different types of cookies goes on and on. There are often recipe books dedicated solely to making every kind imaginable. But of course that leaves the opinion to what type is the best and who makes it better. Type in “sugar cookies” into the internet and endless choices appear, all of which claiming to be the most desirable. Ask someone what their favorite type of cookie is and a spectrum of answers are possible. Different flavors, textures, sizes, and appearances can influence the “perfect” cookie.

We have selected four different types of cookies and ran a survey that involved randomly selected members of the SHS family to vote on which cookie looked the best, was their favorite and why. The cookies voted on were molasses crinkles, snickerdoodles, thumbprint cookies, and peanut butter cookies.

Marissa Davis’s favorite where the Thumbprint Cookies: “I like strawberry and it’s not overpowering.”

Becky Harmening couldn’t get enough of the Molasses Crinkles: “I love soft cookies. The gooey goodness of the cookie plus the spiciness of the molasses. Yum!”

Jared Shillinsky enjoyed the snickerdoodles the most: “They were soft and moist, flavorful but not overwhelming.”

Elizabeth Heuker loved the Peanut Butter Cookies: “They had a nice texture, and I love peanut butter!”


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