2017-2018 Staff

Paul Striby


Paul Striby is a senior at Stevenson High School. Not only is he involved in journalism, but he is also involved in band, Knowledge Bowl, and National Honor Society. As pep-band director, Paul attends many school events and consi...

Eelyi Hankinson


Eelyi J. Hankinson is in the Stevenson High School class 2021. He is part of the journalism club. He is about 5 foot 8 and 275 pounds. Loves kittens, puppies and his two gold fish Gill and Shark Bait.

Jared Shillinsky


Jared Shillinsky is creative and fun person. He loves to help others and converse with people. He enjoys playing video games on his PC, card games and board games, and just relaxing with is friends. He also has a passion for automotive...

Beckie Scovill


Rebecca-Fay Scovill, ’18, has lived in Carson, WA for her entire life. She is a student at Stevenson High School. She spends her time expressing her creativity by reading, writing, drawing, taking pictures and doing ballet....

Isaac Hoidal


Isaac Hoidal is in the graduating class of 2019 at Stevenson High School. He has been a student in the district since kindergarten. Isaac is very involved in the high school. He is the president of the junior class, and has been...

Desmond Phillips


Desmond Phillips’16 moved from Denver, Colorado at age five and attends Stevenson High School. His hobbies include lifting, sports, snowboarding, and swimming. He also likes to play video games every once in a while. Desmond...

Jasmine Lame Bull


Jasmine Lame Bull is part of the graduating class of 2018. For her senior year she is involved with the SHS girls’ soccer team playing as offense until she tore a tendon underneath her kneecap and had to quit soccer, she loves...

Kathleen Perreault


Kathleen Perreault is a freshman, class of 2021. She likes to be with friends, go swimming, and like music like $uicideboy$ and xxxtention. Kathleen’s favorite show is Family Guy; she likes it because the offense humor is funny....

Jacob Gimmey


Jacob Gimmey ’18 grew up in Skamania, and Washougal/Camas, Washington with his father. He will be graduating in June of 2018 from Stevenson High School. One example of what he does as a job is computer repair, whilst doing o...

Indiana Cross


Indiana Cross is a junior at Stevenson High School and has lived in Stevenson her whole life. She plays on the soccer and basketball team and when she’s not in school or playing a sport, she likes to spend her time with friends. ...

Marissa Davis


Marissa Davis attends Stevenson High School and is part of the graduating class of 2018. She loves reading and hopes to become an author herself someday. Marissa also enjoys taking pictures for her school yearbook and hopes to...

Savannah Shier


Savannah Shier is a member of the graduating class of 2020. She loves to dance, cheer, participate in theatre, bake, and listen to music. Dance is a big part of her life. She has been enrolled in dance since she was four years...

David McAndie


David McAndie is in the class of 2020. He likes baking (cookies in particular), listening to music his favorite being top 40 pop, watching Pretty Little Liars and other shows on Netflix, and running. He enjoys being a part of...